WP Performer - Your Wordpress install partner

Install and get immediate results with minimal configurations.



Page Caching

Load your website ultra-fast with inbuilt caching engine available for all Wordpress versions. Serving from cached files will improve your website is no rocket-science any more.

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Cache Preloading

Improve your SEO visibility in Google and Bing with in-built cache preloading feature of Awebdesk Wp Performer.




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Integrated Files Compression

Before caching your website files, WP Performer can also compress the files making them light weight and hence improving load time. 

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Load images smartly as it shows up with integrated Lazyload

Lazyloading an image is one the most performance-enhancing technique in modern age of web. WP Performer can load all your website images on the fly when the visitor scrolls to particular image. No coding required.




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