Vaxmail Suite

White labelled webmail server software for businesses

Self-hosted & private

Vaxmail email suite is hosted under your private cloud vps or dedicated servers which keeps your data with you at all times.

Webmail server

Vaxmail comes pre-packaged with all the required softwares that saves your time and administation costs to install and manage packages separately.

Webmail client

Vaxmail is an ultimate Solution for all your users email accounts with its easy to use interface and multi-tabbed system that allows to work on multiple emails at same time.

Complete web-based administration

Configure and Manage your Webmail from browser. No technical skills required for administrators or users at any point of operations.

Integrated Address Book

Easy-to-use address book that offers many useful features, such as selecting multiple contacts and sending the message to all of them by a single click.

Quick Emails Loading

Lightweight, stable, and super-fast AJAX-based framework provides incredibly high loading speeds. Your messages will open as soon as you click on it.

Custom Folders

In addition to predefined system folders, such as Sent, Inbox, Drafts, and others, users will have the ability to create as many custom folders as they like, naming them any way they desire.

Upload & Share Files

Your private, and heavily-protected cloud allows you to store, access, and share any files you like, quickly and easily.

Pop3/IMAP Inbuilt

Vaxmail comes with inbuilt pop3/imap accounts as related softwares are automatically installed and pre-configured ready to go.

Contacts Management

Create, organize, share, and manage rich contacts data from your mobile device, any computer browser, or via desktop apps. As you type an email address, our AJAX-based framework will provide you suggestions by using your database.

Email Forwarding

Vaxmail email client allows users to forward all the incoming emails to a specified email address of their choice.

Tasks & Calendar

Vaxmail webmail client comes with the incredibly useful calendar, which allows you to create events, set reminders, and add people who are supposed to be invited to the event.

Reduce your costs

Well packaged premium webmail features to deploy on your own premises with low one time fees.

Webhosts friend

If your webhosting provider isn’t providing you Vaxmail, You are missing lots. Ask them now! We are budget-friendly.

Made to cope

Designed to cope up with thousands of users load simultaneously and easily.

Multi lingual

Change webmail language to your local one available from more than 10+ languages.

Group mailing

Send emails to a group of contacts with a touch of a button.

Professional support

Vaxmail is backed up by a team of sysadmins ready to answer your queries as soon as we receive it.

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Crate an amazing emailing experience for your users

All-in-one solution for Webmail, contacts, tasks, calendar & storage

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