Server Requirements

Opensource Codes

We provide 99% opensource codes and you can easily customize or add new functionality to our software. We only encrypt a few files to protect our software from unauthorized distributions.

Web Server Requirements

Take the first steps before diving deeply into our application. Learn how to setup your account and to get started the right way.

  • Operating System: Linux, Unix, or Windows
  • Web Server: Apache Web Server, LigHTTPD, or IIS (with ISAPI_Rewrite installed).
  • Scripting Language: PHP 5.3.X
  • Database: MySQL 4.1 or above.
  • Recommended Hosting Panel: Cpanel or Plesk or DirectAdmin. Other hosting panels also support equally good in most cases.
  • PHP's cURL extension or allow_url_fopen support (enabled in PHP 5.3 or above)
  • Php Execution time >= 300
  • Php script max input time >180
  • Important(Without below requirement, you will not be able to install our software).
  • Ioncube Loaders for PHP 5.3.X(Ioncube loaders 4.x.x for ioncube 7 encoded files).

Suggested Hosting providers

  • Awebdesk email marketing software can be installed on shared server but you will get almost zero performance with our software as it needs good server resources and very low resources are provided to shared server. So don’t buy a shared server if you are planning to install our product on that server. We recommend VPS, Cloud servers or dedicated servers.
  • We do not recommend hosting companies like Godaddy,Hostgator or justhost etc.
  • We recommend,, and all such hosting companies who specially provide VPS and dedicated servers.
  • We recommend a hosting control panel like Cpanel/WHM or Direct admin or Plesk.
  • Minimum recommended server is Dual Core or higher with 2GB/4GB RAM. The better server and server RAM you have , the better mail sending speed you will get.
  • Every customer who purchase our product, we send them the best server optimization tips and tricks pdf specially designed from the bulk mailers system administrator; please follow the doc for optimizing your server. We recommend allotting HALF of server RAM to MYSQL for best performance.