Business Rules

Automate for speed teams

Create rules for everything from automatically assigning certain types of cases to a particular agent to bcc’ing your CEO on VIP issues and move your cases faster toward resolution. 

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Categorize your cases

Use labels to easily sort cases and generate reports. Custom fields let you add customized information that’s unique to your business like customer IDs or past product purchases.




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Case Filters

Organize cases your way

Create filters for cases recently assigned to you, cases of VIP customers, or cases that aren’t resolved within a certain amount of time so you can track everything that’s important to you. 

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Speed through cases

Rely on macros to issue pre-written responses that you use over and over and to perform multiple actions with just one click. Shortcuts help you move cases toward resolution faster.




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Bulk Updating

Close multiple cases

Work more efficiently by using bulk updating to make many changes at once. You can respond to customers faster when you resolve multiple cases with one click. 

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