Case management

Never allow cases to fall through the cracks

Automatically collect and organize customer interactions from every channel. When agents log in to the console, they can dive right into their cases, prioritized based on business needs. 

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Case Filters and Business Rules

Focus on what’s important

Case filters arrange your cases into dynamic queues for easy organization and prioritization.

Extend the power of filters so your team can be even more productive. Create business rules to automatically assign cases, escalate time-sensitive ones, or identify high priority customers.




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Escalation and Collaboration

Assign the right cases to the right agents

Add notes to cases to communicate with your team. Escalate high priority cases to managers, or send product issues to subject matter experts so customers get the best answers. 

Phone system for support teams


Labels and Custom Fields

Categorize and track what's important

Categorize cases with labels for easy sorting and reporting, and use custom fields to add information unique to your business such as customer ID or product purchases.




Phone system for support teams