is the all-in-one customer support helpdesk that lets small businesses quickly start offering amazing service. With you can manage cases from every channel and get the insights you need to make faster, smarter decisions. It's easy to share your knowledge on a self-service site so customers can find their own answers. And you can scale support as you grow with 360-degree customer views, easy integrations, and part-time agents.


Multi-channel support

Manage helpdesk requests on email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, and more

Manage helpdesk requests across all communications channels. With multi-channel support, everything is in one place—from email, to phone, to Facebook, Twitter, and more. Your agents can work more efficiently, resolve issues faster and offer amazing helpdesk service. 

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Productivity tools

Automate helpdesk support and workflow

Workflows and automation help agents speed through repetitive tasks and frequently asked questions so they can focus on more complex ones. lets you operate a helpdesk efficiently—making customers and agents happier.




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Self-service support

Help customers help themselves with a support portal

Let customers find answers to common helpdesk requests, on their own, with branded self-service support portals. Make it easy to find answers or check case status without help from an agent—even from mobile devices. 

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Reporting and analytics

Make faster, better decisions

Track agent performance and get insights on what issues are driving helpdesk ticket creation. Use reporting data to improve the customer experience, reduce ticket volume, and preempt small issues before they become big ones.




Phone system for support teams