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email marketing software Subscription Forms

Generate custom subscription forms for your web site. Have a generated form embedded into any page of your web site and set the URL's for redirection. Including success URL, error URL, awaiting opt-in URL and more. The generated subscription form code is basic HTML that can be embedded into any type of website. Subscription forms allow you to use a single install of AwebDesk Email Marketing to manage multiple web sites without your site visitors ever knowing they are leaving the site!


web based softwaresPublic Archive & Powerful API

Direct users to a public archive of all the past mailings which is very easy to implement. Let them view past mailings, subscribe to lists, and more. This feature can be disabled if you would like your past messages/lists to be private. Email Marketing includes a very powerful API that can be used to add/manage lists, subscribers, users, and more! Our flexible API supports a number of formats including serialized, JSON, and XML. Example API calls are included for each type of API action ensuring a quick implementation and understanding of our API.

awebdesk email marketer External Subscriber Sync

Synchronize your subscribers with any external MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL database! Simply select or choose a database, then navigate to the table of choice, select the fields to sync, set your sync options and then click Run! It has become so easier than never before to bring such subscribers from an outside source into AwebDesk Email Marketing and hence to keep your lists updated from that source. You can even have your syncs run automatically depending upon you like daily or hourly!

Social MediaSocial Media

Admin users can share the campaign while viewing campaign reports. When you click on personalize, you will see a Social Submit Links option. It will finally place the social sharing icons within your actual email when you add this tag into your email. Your subscribers can click on them from their email client to share the web version link of the email with their friends. Social Media Integration includes: Email Marketing With FaceBook: Our email marketing software allows you to embed subscription forms on any website. This provides the advantage of using our software back-end, in combination with your web presence front-end. Facebook pages often act as extensions of your product or brand in social network surroundings. Email Marketing Twitter Integration: When you send a campaign you will have an option to post the campaign to Twitter. If you do this a Twitter post will be posted when the sending is completed with the subject of the email and a link to view the campaign.

web based softwareIntegration with Third Party Softwares

Integration With Third Party Software includes full integration with Google Analytics, WordPress, vBulletin and Joomla that will integrate subscription forms into your WordPress blogs & web sites and you can let your users manage their subscription(s) to your mailing list(s) directly from their forum account. Additional Integration Features are: Google Analytics: Full integration with Google Analytics allowing you to track your campaigns links and read/opens using analytics. To Subscribe or unsubscribe by email, subscription notifications that is to get notifications of new subscribers, import your existing list of subscribers or contacts, Export all of your subscriber data and so on.

Email Marketing softwareEmail Marketing Solutions

The numerous other solutions that work with AwebDesk Email Marketing and which can easily be integrated includes: Salesforce(managers and execs everything), SugarCRM (helps companies communicate with prospects and share sales information), Highrise CRM (helps you manage your contacts), FreshBooks (takes care of your billing), Capsule (The easy online CRM for doing business Simple,Effective,Flexible), Unbounce (helping you get more clicks, leads and conversions from your marketing campaigns), Tactile CRM (Keep track of the people and companies you do business with), Batchbook (social CRM built for small businesses and entrepreneurs), Heap CRM (keeps all or your contacts, messages, e-mails, files, events, tasks), SurveyMonkey (allows you to create and send surveys to gather feedback, plan events, and conduct market research), ZOHO CRM.

Integrated Email Marketing Integrated Email Marketing

AwebDesk Email Marketing Software has been designed to allow integration with external services to provide a complete marketing solution. Our fully featured email marketing API is available with our hosted service & downloaded software. To view example API calls click on a API call from the side menu. You can use our API to bring data into your email marketing service, create campaigns on the fly, external analysis, and so much more. We are continually buidling upon our API with new API features/calls to accomadate our users' needs. Technical Details: Data from our API can be returned in 3 different formats: (1)serialized – Data is returned in a serialized format and can be decoded with PHP's native unserialize() function (2)JSON – Data is returned in JSON format and can be decoded with json_decode() function (included in PHP since 5.2.0) (3)XML -Write your own XML parser to handle the output Our API examples are using PHP but you could use virtually any programming language to interact with our API.

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