AwebDesk Autoresponder Features

email marketing softwareImmediately Engage Subscribers

New subscribers require special attention. They're eager to hear from you, but they don't know your company as well as established subscribers do. Build profitable relationships with them using a sequence of automatically delivered follow up emails. Welcome new subscribers, then drive them back to your website with sequential autoresponders. No manual sending needed – our unlimited autoresponder software delivers your emails automatically. Personalize emails with subscribers' names and other information.


web based softwareAutoresponder Templates

Our design team is constantly creating new email templates. You have over 50 of the best autoresponder templates to choose. You can also create single and multiple column designs.


awebdesk email marketerSet Your Own Delivery Hours

Use our Send Window feature to make sure message is one of them! Easily specify which days and what time of the day your follow up messages to help increase your open rates and subscriber response.

Date based campaignsDate based campaigns

Have certain mailings be sent after a subscriber subscribes and then additional campaigns at timed intervals. You can even target these mailings to certain subscriber details or demographics.

Automated TriggersAutomated Triggers

You can setup subscriber actions to update subscriber info, perform subscription tasks, send campaigns, and more!

web based softwaresRSS Based Emails

This is great for automatically sending out site news, blog updates, etc.. And your subscribers will only be sent updates when there is new content to view!

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