ESP for email marketing service providers

ESP edition has all features of AEM included plus several other features required to run esp business.

Permission based user groups

Set limits on email credits, subscribers limit, campaign limits and lists limit and create a pricing plan as per the limits.

Completely rebrand able

You can rebrand the system in your own company name on a click of a button. Per user group different rebranding features available.

Full Billing integration

ESP is pre-integrated with our membership software giving you freedom to create new pricing plans, add payment gateways.

Sell email marketing service

Run your own hosted SAAS fully automated email marketing business and sell email marketing to your customers. It's a money making machine.

Accept recurring payments

ESP supports recurring payments using Paypal or 2checkout. Customers account activation/suspension is automatic on payments/non-payments.

Marketing by Billing software

ESP is a revolutionary product for email marketing service providers. You can even sell email marketing from your existing billing softwares like WHMCS.


Awebdesk Email Marketer

Cleanup list
With the innovative List cleanup feature, remove bad emails from the system even before sending emails.
Setup an autoresponder as soon as subscriber subscribes or send an email based on different subscriber actions.
Email Templates
Now that 60%+ emails are opened in mobiles, Awebdesk now comes with 15+ inbuilt responsive email templates.
Personalized Emails
Let the subscribers feel friendly. Send them personalized emails such as Hello Joe….. Go advanced even by using custom fields.
Developers friendly
All email marketing software purchases carry 99% open source codes to edit or add your own features. It also has full featured API to get/set data to and from the software.
List Segments
Create segments of subscribers as a separate list based on your custom search criteria such as from a particular city or zip.

Import & sync Subscribers

From variety of sources

Import subscriber emails, names, and virtually any type of custom fields (things like birthdays, age and any type of data you wish to import).This awesome newsletter software supports copy/paste data, csv import and even importing from third party services like SalesForce, HighRise, FreshBooks, Capsule, BatchBook etc. We add new sources regularly. It also supports external MYSQL database automatic syncronisations.

Advanced Campaign


In order to know if your email campaign was successful and how it could be made better, you will require proper tracking that will provide you with correct data, and in a way that will allow you to interpret that data easily and draw some conclusions from it that will help you improve your campaign even further. Awebdesk Newsletter software provides you with just that. Among number of different info that will be collected and reported to you are link tracking, bounce rate, read and open tracking, unsubscribing stats, trend reports, and so on. All this information is very accurate and complex on one hand, but also very easy to interpret on the other.


On Autopilot

All you need to do is set up the campaign – our email-marketing software will take care of the rest and run the campaign according to the chosen schedule. Furthermore, even various contact-management actions can be performed automatically, with high precision and quality. Everything is very user friendly and amazingly effective, capable of handling even the most complex mailing campaigns on autopilot.

Social Media


The power of social media is simply astonishing and it is growing bigger every day. You need to use that to your advantage and Awebdesk Email marketer is just the tool to help you do it. Facebook, Twitter, StumpleUpon, and Reddit are only some of the social media we cover. That includes the amazing auto-posting feature, as well as some common but essential features, such as like or share buttons and so on. And not only that, but this awesome email campaign software also tracks the clicks on these links, providing you rich and easy to comprehend data.

Super clean


Awebdesk newsletter software's dashboard is highly user friendly with multi-theming options, clean and with no complex hidden un-necessary dropdowns. Find the menu you want in first view. It also has a mobile compatible dashboard to view and track reports on the go via mobile devices. AEM has inbuilt 20+ languages including Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

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