Optimization of conversion rate through a/b test.


Let’s imagine you are selling something or services over the internet. You have a unique website where a visitor can know about your services. And from the site you get leads which help you to convert them as a customer. By using those leads now you start to sell a special offer and unfortunately you only got some responses.
What about those remaining leads……………..?
Most of the business around the world facing with this conversion problem. According to a survey, 50% of leads generated by businesses are qualified, but not yet ready to buy.

But you are hungry as a hunter and want more sales to grow your business. You spend a precious time and money into your business and even though you are not getting as much as sales, Right? The only reason is that you are not getting more clicks. For this you do not have to be tech savvy. Just run a/b test.

As I have mentioned in my earlier post how to create a successful email campaign . You can get an idea from that. However, this is just not enough. It is better to know more for the better. So always keep trying to know something.

To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge. —- Confucius

There are many factors of a successful email campaign. Last but not least, one of them is A/B testing. Well, here I will tell you how to calm your hunger by A/B testing, which will help you in achieving more sales.
Get ready to turn clicks into customer. Are you ready? Why not, who would not want more sales?

You must do A / B testing to increase more conversions rate.
But do you know the principles to use it?You have no idea about this.  Isn’t it?


Don’t worry…… I will get you out of this maze. Well before starting this post, let’s points out the important topic that I will discuss here.

  • What is a/b testing?
  • Why should we use this test?
  • And, how to conduct a/b test?

What is a/b testing?

What’s in a name? Isn’t it? Yet, even though, sounds short on listening, but acts much more than its sounds.
Yes! This is exactly what it sounds. As the word itself sounds that the term is related to testing something.
You are going in a right way. So, now let’s come to the point.

Whenever you send a campaign, you encourage your clients to come to your site and make some purchase.  You can present your campaign content in many ways, but do you know which one is best. Use a/b testing to test how small changes into your campaigns impact your results and can drive your sales.

Suppose you have email lists and you divided it into two segments, segment A and segment B. Now send an email campaign for both of them segment. The segment, which will perform better, will give better conversion.

split_test1Thus, Comparative action between two different versions (whether it should be a web page, landing page or email list) is known as A / B testing, also known as a split testing, so that you can easily increase your sales rate by having more clicks.

But what about those emails that is not clicked or open? This is a major hurdle in better sales. This will affect you in your growing sales.
According to conversion rate optimization reports 2015, 72% marketers are not satisfied with their conversion rates.
In the next post I will tell you about handling this hurdle. Until then stay as cool as a cucumber. ;)

Okay, now come to the point. From split testing, we better understand our customer responds and stats provided by this testing can help us to improve our campaigns, subject line or content of campaigns.Some of the main motivations for performing these tests are:-

  • Get higher open rates.
  • Get more conversions.
  • Get to know the customer.
  • Knowing how to properly structure content.
  • Create calls for more effective action.

This testing can be done with your landing page or web page too, but don’t take my word for it. Go with an email marketing software like Awebdesk, it is equipped with features that make a/b testing.There is ample of email service providers, but why only awebdesk? Here is some of its features:-

  1. It is 99% open source – Access to code, change anything you want and add your own features.
  2. Runs on autopilot with an integrated billing feature.
  3. List Sharing among other users.
  4. Mobile Optimized and Responsive layout.
  5. Multilingual – 20+ languages.
  6. Responsive email templates.
  7. Track Subscriber Activity – Who opened and who not, which clicked and which not.
  8. List Cleanup – Remove bad emails with one click.

Shocked :-o ? The more you know, the more you will shock. So don’t go with my words only. Start with Awebdesk and explore it now!

Why should you use a/b testing?

With this, you can calculate more exactly which strategies will be best for your organization or product. It gives you more traffic, sales and revenue out of your present condition.

Let’s pretend you have to sell a book. And you sent two different campaigns for your client.
A. Get 20% off on first purchase. Get it now!
B. Get extra 20% off. Get it now!
Using a/b tests you found that B got 20 % more click in comparison on A. That’s how small change in content can bring significant impact of your product. You can easily understand your customer behavior and which version gets more clicks.

What should you test? Almost anything that affects your client’s behavior should test.

  • Headline.
  • Call to action text or button.
  • Graphic and image.
  • Product descriptions and offer.
  • Link.
  • Layout of email.

How to conduct a/b tests?

Do test with awebdesk and compare results to figure out what works and what not. Before conducting to split test, there are some components that we should keep in mind. Try and test these components and see which one affects your sales.

Subject Line: - Try different phrases or words to see which one gets more attention and best open rate. A survey says that almost 33% of emails are opened due to its subject line only. Make an attention-grabbing subject so those recipients become compelled to open your email.

Sender Name: - Sender name which includes person names or company name, see which one increase your conversion.

Time and Day: - Which day and time of a week results more open and click. Use this info for optimal sales.

Call to action (Text or image): - Test what gives more conversion. This is the most important parts of your campaigns to increase conversion rates.



Or, may be……



Which one will you prefer to click? Try to write CTA in a different way, whether link, text, button or images? Place it on the top, bottom or both and test from where you are getting more conversion.

Social Sharing: - Use social sharing button in your campaign. Because a study suggests that email has this social share buttons get more than 50% clicks.

Template: - Play with template and judge which will be best for the campaign. Awebdesk has predefined template.


You just have to choose your preferred template, color related to your site or campaign, uploading of your organization’s logo and slightly modified as you wish. It is simple, isn’t it?

Learn how to set up a split test of your email campaign with this video from @Awebdesk.See this video; you will familiarize yourselves with the Split Testing.

Your single purpose is only to try and test to split testing, and find out the best one which can convert your leads into customer. Client behaviors keep changing always, so never stop your A / B testing. Keep your test always in use. If you are succeeding in click rates than try to succeed in the open rate.

Everyone wants to know, but only a few wants to test. Without testing you are leaving your lead on the table. That’s why; keep continuing of your test. Because of you better sales are the only objective.

As a best email service provider, we know the importance of your conversion rate, sales. If you are in doubt about the effectiveness of this test, switch your email marketing software into awebdesk. It’s a/b testing (split testing) feature is a handy shortcut for preferable versions of your email.

Now finally you can select the successful version to use in the real world market.  You are ready to start your split test. Aren’t you? It’s time to get more conversion rates.

Get rid of stuff that did not work.Keep testing, keep growing !

What are your thoughts on a split test? Drop your comments in the comments section and let’s start a conversation.

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