Email Integration With awebdesk: Improve Your Relationship.


awebdeskGoing back to the time of grandparents, it was common lead to a grocery store and realize she had forgotten shopping list at home, and therefore had to drive all the way back home to get it. Today, we have a list directly on our mobile phones so it is hard to imagine a time and place where we do not have easy access to us.

While driving back and forth from the grocery store to the house is an inconvenience, we will take on a larger scale by imagining that you are a CEO of a company that depends only on a couple of pieces of paper. It is simply not possible. Not only are there too many things that you just write a list, also you live in a mobile world, where the best chance for survival is if you have any required information digitally stored in one place.

Owner of Cornet (HK) Ltd, an import-export acquires consumer goods and household goods from China and exported worldwide. It is a business that requires a lot of micromanagement and organization. For over a decade, Outlook Express used to maintain control over all aspects of your business. We all know that Outlook Express is a free application that comes pre-installed with Windows. With an import-export, do you think that Outlook Express can handle all the needs of Cornet (HK) Ltd. to keep track of? Having meetings with customers, delivery times, e-mailing vendors and suppliers, etc., there are too many things that should be kept in the same time.

Then, awebdesk changed his life. It was introduced to the world of CRM and saw how the system was easy to use and very functional giving his life’s work every day to be effective and productive. Specifically for your business, Cornet (HK) Ltd. found the most benefits from the contact and billing information all in one window, which only could get managing multiple applications. Also for convenience, Cornet (HK) Ltd. can store all the price data of your company in the CRM so that if you encounter a potential customer, you have easy access to it.

As a result, it is now a faithful fan of awebdesk, saying, “If you awebdesk, you need nothing more.” We fully agree. Do not forget, with the integration of awebdesk with Benchmark Email you can import your contacts directly to your awebdesk account Benchmark Email and promote your relations through campaigns e-mail marketing you go.

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